Monday, January 31, 2011

More Color On Tha Ride.....

I got a sick new pipe board yesterday..
Its 21 inches wide with lots of glass.
I put triple 6oz S-cloth on the deck
and double 6oz S-cloth on the bottom. SOLID!!
I hope i get some siiiick tubes on this one.

Neon yellow base coat..
Neon Money Green second coat...
I used Ti leaves from my yard as stencils.
They are good luck. Ti leaf Mana!!
Got Sponsors?
Tha CHRONIC Hawaiian Ti leaf Jungle board.
Leeeet's gooooooo!!


Lucky I Live Hawaii...

This last week was a really good one.
The waves were going off!!!
Hawaii is the best place on Earth!
I got to surf Pipeline with Hayato Maki, Makaha with Juri, and Haleiwa this week. Cheeee!!

Here's a little barrel at the Banzai yesterday....

Makaha was super rippable!! Juri tried her new board I got her.
It's a 7'6 mini tanker. She was ripping;)

I went to a secret beach and found this one. Mental!!!
I found this the day before. Stoked to find two shells two days in a row!!
Lucky I live Hawai:)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Memories....

Came across this photo today.
It's an old shot from me coming out of the barrel at pipeline.
I like all the whitewash bouncing up in the air. Looks cool...
I was 18 years old. Good memories;)
I love pipeline!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow bound...

Going to Aspen to rip da slopes with my baby!!
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunrise Shell!!

I found this Sunrise shell on the Northshore today. Actually it found me. It's always the case when you look for these shells. It's like this shell was meant for you. I was walking on the beach and a big wave washed up past my feet, as the wave went back to the ocean this was left looking right at me!!! Amazing.... Lucky I live Hawaii!!! Juri was about 5 steps behind me;) She was kind of bummed she didn't find one. That's the way it goes. They find YOU!