Monday, March 14, 2011

Rest In Peace Grandpa...

I just got back from California for my Grandpa's funeral.
He was my FAVORITE!!! I will miss him deeply:(
But I know he's kicking butt on the golf courses up there now:)
We had the service at his favorite restaurant
and told nice stories about him.
It was a celebration of his life. He was the MAN!!!!
Miss you Grandpa!!

Me and Gramps.
Check out my redish blond hair.What happened haha??
He's up in heaven playing golf with the big boys now:)
He used to build his own golf clubs
and make them way longer so he could hit further:)
Those golf clubs were almost as tall as him hahahah:)
Check out the hat. Stylie!!
Had to try and keep some positivity on the trip:)
Check out this Croc head!!!!!!
It was in Manhattan Beach Aquarium on the Pier.
Check the fishing outfit.
She even had a full face mask. It was Classic!! That lady is oldschool.
I better not catch my friend Claude fishing in this outfit this summer hahaha:)
Much Aloha

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