Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Noseriding Championships

This past weekend I had the Hawaiian Noseriding Champioships Contest at Queens, Waikiki.  I ended up winning the Pro division.  This makes two years in a row taking out that event.  Last year I won three out of four divisions and this year I won the newly added Pro division.  It was a great weekend.  A lot of good friends and good people.  

This is the Pro finals group.  All the best guys in Hawaii!!! Took em out haha:) !!
Pictured:  Keegan Edwards, Bonga Perkins, Kai Sallas, Duane Desoto, Kekoa Auwae, Genki Kino, and Scotty Fong
                                Here's a noseriding shot...

In this event you have to stall to get the most time.  Stalling.....


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